Landfill Gas

Landfills produce high levels of flammable and toxic gases over their lifetimes.

  • Landfill perimeter monitoring is required for controlling potentially explosive and toxic  gases from escaping off site in order meet Health and Safety standards and protect the local environment.
  • Landfill Gas Field Management can provide a careful management of the many boreholes across a landfill gas field to optimise the gas yield and therefore the power generated from the gas.
  • Landfill gas detection is used to protect people and buildings.

CSL provide the most complete set of solutions for landfill gas monitoring, management and detection in the country.

For landfill gas detection for personal protection click on the links below.
For landfill gas analyser options please see our Landfill & Biogas pages.

CSL are exclusive Irish agents for the Geotech’s range of landfill gas analysers. Geotech is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of portable and fixed gas analysers. Around the world, Geotech gas analysers are rapidly becoming even more important with the growing focus on renewable energy from gas produced in anaerobic digestion and landfill sites.

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