Control & Automation Specialist Services

CSL’s Specialist Services provide Control and Automation solutions for a wide range of requirements.


Plant Automation


Plant Optimisation

  • Performing thermal image surveys on the control panels & MCCs.
  • Design and implement M2M and IoT solutions that allow enterprises to connect their machines to the Internet.
  • Implement Peak-Energy Demand Saving Systems (systems that limit the running time of the equipment during the day time when energy costs are high).
  • Optimised pumping solutions for foul sump cleaning, foul pumps anti-clogging and automatic scouring of the delivery line.
  • Electrical design – cable schedules, MCC design.
  • Smaller control panels are designed and built in house.
  • Development of documentation such as O&Ms, FATs, SATs, FDSs, I/O schedules, and method statements.
  • Automatic alarming systems (SMS or Email) for breakdowns of critical equipment.
  • VSD upgrades, installation, and repair.