Flow Meter Calibrations

CSL can validate the performance of your electromagnetic or ultrasonic flowmeters on-site. There is no interruption to the flowmeter, results are available in minutes with a full verification report provided.

Why you should book your Flowmeter Verification test with CSL

  1. We can verify and calibrate all brands of electromagnetic, ultrasonic and velocity flowmeters. This can provide you with a cost saving with minimum interruption.
  2. Nationwide service covering 26 counties.
  3. CSL are approved on Irish water frameworks.
  4. Multiple site costing options.
  5. Service carried out by experienced CSL engineer.
  6. In the event of a flowmeter verification failure we have the knowledge and experience to propose the most cost-effective and efficient option to resolve the problem.
  7. Where possible our multi- disciplined engineer can carry out minor and temporary fixes.
  8. Fully Health and Safety compliant.


Costs – Quality – Compliance

  • Confidence in Critical Flow Readings
  • No interruption to Process
  • Help to identify costly leaks or losses.
  • EPA requirement.
  • Identify pump inefficiencies.
  • Ensures accurate flows through the plant.
  • Reliable flow readings can improve plant performance.
  • Full Verification Report on completion.


File Description File size Downloads
pdf CSL Flow Verifier 720 KB 1645