Environmental Monitoring & Detection

As environmental specialists working with private and municipal clients, our industry knowledge enables us to develop optimum solutions to all aspects of monitoring, detecting and controlling emissions, to meet environmental and licence requirements and regulations.

Typical challenges include biogas and biomethane, anaerobic digestors, greenhouse gasses, remediation and landfill liquid pumping, gas detection and analysis, odour issues, oil detection and recovery, and groundwater sampling.

Gas Detection Solutions

CSL delivers effective gas detection solutions for the long term. CSL supplies a wide range of gas detection products, from portable devices to complete fixed gas detection systems and customised installations in many sectors.

We help businesses and organisations comply with current safety standards and minimise gas exposure to employees, visitors and facilities.

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Oil on Water Detection

CSL are the leading industrial and environmental water monitoring solution provider in Ireland.

We supply and maintain a comprehensive range of oil detectors including oil detectors for the Wastewater and Water industries, as well as oil water separator alarms, explosive area oil detectors and oil detectors for transformers.

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Chlorine Products and Services

CSL has been providing services for chlorine gas and liquid dosing, measurement and personnel protection for over twenty years.

If you would like to know more about how we can assist you with your Chlorination requirements, Chlorine Measurement or Chlorine Gas Detection solutions, please visit our Chlorine products and services website or get in touch with our Technical Support Team would be happy to provide you with all relevant information and costings.

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